Prorax, rope access window cleaning specialist will take care of all your dirty windows as they are an inescapable fact of life for Sydney’s high and low rise buildings.

Another fact: Prorax’s technicians are the best rope access high rise window cleaners in Sydney.

Don’t just take our word for it, the testimony section on our home page is proof that regular clients including State Government departments, Leighton, CBRE, Stockland, RALAN, Centennial Constructions to name just few that we never compromise on safety, service, quality and value.

Using time-tested rope access window cleaning methods (including a lot of elbow grease!) to achieve a sparkling, streak-free finish, Prorax believes no area is too high or too difficult to reach.

What is rope access window cleaning?

Rope access window cleaning “abseiling” is a convenient, safe and cost effective, proven solution to high rise window cleaning in many situations where other access cannot be provided without large amounts of time and money being invested.

The most notable advantage of rope access for high rise window cleaning is that the equipment can be installed and un-installed quickly with minimal disruption to the building or the environment, whereas other means of access such as heavy machinery or scaffolding platforms can take a long time to erect and can cause disruption to the surrounding areas and environment.

Whether your building is commercial, government or residential, professional rope access window cleaning is the:

    • fastest
    • safest
    • most cost-effective

technique for high rise window cleaning in Sydney.

At Prorax, that promise is backed up by a fully trained and accredited abseiling team with a 100% safety record and full insurance coverage.
We also providing BMU service for your high rise window cleaning.

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We guarantee you!

  • Sydney’s most experienced at-heights team
  • a fully accredited business and team
  • a 100% safety record and full insurance
  • meticulous attention to detail and outstanding results
  • fast, efficient, unobtrusive service.
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