Our Story

PRORAX is a rope access company that provides specialized building maintenance services using ropes and other specialized equipment. With a team of trained and certified technicians, PRORAX is able to safely and efficiently access hard-to-reach areas of buildings for various purposes, including property management and maintenance, commercial and residential cleaning, and more. One of the main benefits of using PRORAX for building maintenance is the safety and efficiency of their rope access techniques. These techniques are a much safer option than using ladders or scaffolding, especially for tall or multi-story buildings. They are also more efficient and cost-effective, as technicians can move quickly and easily from one location to another, and they do not need to set up and dismantle scaffolding or other specialized equipment. In addition to their safety and efficiency, PRORAX is known for their attention to detail and their commitment to delivering high-quality results. Their technicians are able to reach and work on even the most difficult-to-access areas of a building, ensuring that every surface is covered and the finished result is of the highest quality. Overall, PRORAX is a reputable and experienced rope access company that provides a wide range of building maintenance services using innovative and effective techniques. If you are in need of building maintenance services and are considering using rope access, PRORAX may be a good option to consider. .

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Window and façade cleaning services
  • Cost-effective concrete cancer repairs
  • High and low rise building maintenance
  • Installation and certification of high-safety systems
  • Health and safety consultancy services

We want to impress you

With an absolute focus on the needs, time pressures and budgets of clients that include State Government departments, Leighton, CBRE, Stockland, Centennial Constructions to name just few, we have built our reputation on:

  • Imaginative, competitively-priced solutions
  • Versatility
  • An unblemished safety record
  • Best-practice, environmentally-aware standards
  • Meticulous professionalism
  • Respect for clients and all those impacted by Prorax’s services

Only highly experienced staff

None of this would be possible without Prorax’s highly-experienced staff. We don't employ juniors. No matter how high the Prorax team are working on your building – or how complex, or dangerous the job - you can rest assured they are familiar with the challenges, fully IRATA-accredited and supported by the best equipment and safety practices.

No accidents. No injuries. Ever.

Our work can be dangerous. So we take every measure to keep your people, and ours, safe. Along with a 100% impeccable safety record, our health and safety manager continually updates our experienced team with the latest safety practices and requirements.

We're fully accredited and insured

You need to be sure the team you work with is qualified and covered to look after your work. Prorax fully complies with Australian Standards and is rope access and BMU accredited. We are also comprehensively insured.



David Herold

Having learnt his craft rock climbing in Europe, Prorax’s founder has been a recognisable figure in Sydney’s rope access industry since the early 2000s. Apart from his abseiling skills, David brings a rare creativity to the job, often engineering unique solutions to the challenges he encounters.

Managing Director
Operations Manager

Behind every successful business is someone with the acumen to ensure all the paperwork is in order. With Prorax since the beginning, Lucie brings the experience and commercial skills of having previously run her own enterprise, though her ‘respect’ for heights means you won’t ever find her on the ropes.

Admin/OHS Manager