Rope access and fall arrest anchor points are essential for ensuring the safety of workers in high rise buildings in Sydney. At Prorax, we are experts in the certification and installation of these systems, providing clients with peace of mind and the knowledge that their workers are protected.

Rope access systems allow technicians to safely access and work on high rise structures using specialized equipment, such as harnesses, lanyards, and climbing ropes. Fall arrest anchor points provide an additional layer of protection, allowing workers to safely attach themselves to a structure in the event of a fall.

Prorax is a trusted provider of rope access and fall arrest anchor point services in Sydney. Our team of experienced technicians is fully trained and accredited, with a 100% safety record and full insurance coverage. We use only the highest quality equipment and follow strict safety protocols to ensure that our work is completed to the highest standards.

In addition to certification and installation, we also offer ongoing inspection and maintenance services to ensure that our systems are in good working order at all times.

If you are in need of reliable and professional rope access and fall arrest anchor point services in Sydney, look no further than Prorax. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your safety needs.

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  • Sydney’s most experienced at-heights team
  • a fully accredited business and team
  • a 100% safety record and full insurance
  • meticulous attention to detail and outstanding results
  • fast, efficient, unobtrusive service.
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