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Concrete cancer (or concrete spalling) is the result of rusting reinforcement bars expanding and causing the surrounding concrete to crack and fall away. You should immediately consider for concrete cancer repair before the problem gets worst.

Left unattended, the damage can move from being simply unsightly to endangering the integrity of a building and the safety of anybody below.

Rope access concrete cancer repair offers a cost-efficient way for Sydney building managers to first identify the problem including photographic facade inspections, assess the problem and come up with a solution how to restore the affected area.

Early detection is important for concrete cancer repair, just as treatment needs to be done by qualified professionals like Prorax.

It is not enough to just hide the rusting steel by rendering over the concrete, as the rusting process will continue underneath, causing further displacement of the concrete.

Before concrete cancer repair, if not careful, further down the line you might even have to replace the reinforcing steel altogether, at great expense and inconvenience.

Rather, once the cause is identified repairs can start.

At Prorax, we begin by clearing all drummy and flaking concrete, removing rust from the reinforcing steel, applying anti-corrosives to the steel, and then applying a fresh render so that the area is left looking as good as new.

Where necessary, waterproofing can also be applied after concrete cancer repair. By doing this, we can repair the areas of concrete that are damaged, instead of having to contemplate replacing the whole wall.

In cases where there is an immediate safety concern but you don’t yet have the budget for full concrete cancer repairs, Prorax’s experienced rope access technicians can safely remove any loose concrete.

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