Regular surveys of facade condition including facade inspection report are a vital part of building maintenance.

Our rope access technicians offering unparalleled opportunities to get up close to a building’s ‘skin’ – whether concrete or cladding – Prorax’s experienced technicians are ideally placed to produce comprehensive façade inspection reports on which to base decisions about maintenance and remedial work.

Our inspection reports include full studies, pictures and all the recommendations to solve your building problem. Prorax also includes risk assessment, safe work method statements and recommended maintenance schedules.

Inspections cover:

  • Integrity of the cladding system
  • Identification of workmanship defects
  • Concrete appraisal
  • Assessment of oxidisation and corrosion

As we also provide building maintenance services via Rope Access and BMU. We are familiar with all the problems with concrete cancer on Sydney buildings.

Don’t wait with facade inspection till it’s too late and cause more damage to your building or injuries to the public below. We see so many times when a piece of facade hanging on the side of the building and any strong wind can cause that piece of facade fall down to the street. The result can be fatal.

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