Safety anchor points for rope access window cleaning and building maintenance in Sydney are one half of a crucial safety equation that saves lives.

The other half is fall arrest systems.

Having both will give you peace of mind, alongside building owners, occupants, clients, customers and contractors working on the building.

Prorax’s height safety experts are ready to design, install, test and certify fall arrest systems in your building or site, using industry-leading Sayfa equipment.

Fall arrest systems include lifelines, track systems and inertia reels, all of which rely on anchor points able to withstand the severe impact that comes from a falling person coming to a sudden halt.

For that reason, fall arrest system anchor points must have a higher load rating than standard anchor points.

The second element of a successful fall arrest system is a shock-absorbing mechanism.

The mechanism can be part of the anchor itself, or it can be in the form of a shock absorbing lanyard.

Either way, Prorax’s trained and certified experts can shift the load from you to us!

Our systems comply with all relevant Australian standards, while ProRax carries full insurance for all personal and public liability works undertaken, giving you confidence in your choice of supplier.

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