It’s all about the quality. We don’t hire teenagers or backpackers. Our technicians are industry-leading practitioners with a wide range of skills. They’re experienced. Meticulous. Good communicators. And quick, without compromising standards. Put simply, you’ll never have to worry about whether we’ll meet your expectations. We will exceed them.

No expensive scaffolding. No disruption. No noise. Think of us as the ninjas of the building industry.

Part of the Prorax service is a free assessment and quote. If the job is within the laws of physics, we will get it done!

If a BMU is installed, you are required by law to use it. Our technicians are fully-qualified BMU operators.

Every rope access job requires certified anchor points. If your building does not have these – or has anchor points that are not certified – Prorax can install and certify them as part of our service.

A lot. Which is why all our tools are safely secured to technicians, why we always use ‘workers above’ signs, and why we install barriers to isolate the zones immediately below our working areas.

Where permits are required for external high rise cleaning and maintenance work, Prorax takes care of all the paperwork.

No. We have worked on buildings from single storey to 35 storeys, and have the necessary insurance and capabilities to go higher.

We take wind very seriously. If we assess that it’s too windy to work safely at heights, we suspend work until it abates. We’re good, not foolish.

Less of a problem than wind, but still something to be considered in each unique circumstance. There are times when rain can make it too dangerous to continue.

No. By law, a minimum of two workers are required to team up for all high rise maintenance and cleaning work.

We always put the client’s needs at the centre of what we do. We have the ability to expand at short notice, so give us a call and we’ll do our best to cross the job off your list.

Yes. Prorax is a 7-day operation.

Our quotes are always competitive. But as a bonus, depending on the size and frequency of a job, we will consider free installation and certification of anchor points for the lifetime of the contract.